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Wired or Wireless? Our belief, is both. Our Routers, Switches and Network interface modules make it quick and easy to share files, music and printers throughout the home. Access Point(s) mount modestly into the ceiling or wall for the best coverage possible, encouraging you to roam freely inside and outside your home while surfing online from all of your smart devices! Now you’ll always have whatever you need, whenever you need it. Share Photos, Music, Links & More!

Wouldn’t you love to have access of all of your photos, videos and music from any location of your home? Well now you can! Sentry AV will assemble a cohesive network among your devices so that you can view your photos on any TV in your home or around the world! In fact, all those songs you ripped onto your computer can be heard not only on your phone or iPod but from any speaker or television in your home. It all starts with a home network. Contact Sentry AV today to find out how we can connect your devices for in-home ease of use!

Our Audio Solutions

With Sentry AV, you can easily divide your home into individual zones, where you may select separate audio source material or adjust local volumes to ensure everyone’s happiness, no matter where they are in the home. You can even operate the whole house from one keypad. 

▪ Listen to your music in any room of your home.

▪ Choose from thousands of the best music stations.

▪ Enjoy your own playlists and digital library.

▪ Listen to different “sources” in different rooms.

▪ Access music via internet.

▪ Wake up every morning to the news radio station.

▪ Set every room to your iPod and set volumes for a party, in advance.

▪ Mute bedroom and outdoor zones when it’s time for sleep.

▪ Themed zones – Mozart in the den, Sinatra on the patio and Beyonce in the kitchen. We can do it all!

Controlling Electronics and Amplifiers

The controlling electronics and amplifiers are located in the heart of your entertainment center or equipment closet. High-fidelity speakers, usually flush-mounted into the ceiling or wall, provide you with wide coverage throughout your whole home. Uniquely designed weatherproof speakers may be concealed in within planters, rocks or benches, creating an ambience that isn’t an eye sore to your guests! Speakers can be hidden almost anywhere, inside or out of your home. Just let us know what you need, and Sentry AV will make it happen.

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