Miscellaneous Services

We offer a few miscellaneous service solutions which include structured wiring, intercom systems, cell phone signal boosters and sound proofing.

Structured Wiring

Low voltage wiring is a crucial aspect of your home construction. With Sentry AV’s pre-wire service, we will pre-wire your home for total control of TVs, Networks, Audio, Video, Cameras and more. We use professional cable systems of premium quality to ensure the best system communication among your devices with professional results that make interconnecting a breeze. Think towards the future; that’s why we provide extra wiring for future use or upgrades.

Intercom Systems

Our tastefully designed intercom systems allow your family to keep connected with one another. Want to see what’s going on at home while you’re working? Security cameras can be surveyed and controlled right from your touch panel. While jamming out to your favorite songs or enjoying a film in the Home Theater, you’ll know the moment someone rings your doorbell or enters the driveway, as the audio mutes to alert you and your security camera appearing on the TV to clue you in. With our intercom system, you’re able to speak to the visitor and grant access to your home with a swipe of your finger.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Is the cell phone signal in your home severely lacking? Sentry AV provides residential cell phone booster solutions that can finally eliminate a lack of service forever. Our indoor coverage kits include amplifiers and hidden antennas that supply optimum signal strength to you and your guests with multiple cellular providers, while protecting the aesthetic of your home. 

Sound Proofing

Sentry AV provides solutions to home owners who long to reduce unwanted noise throughout their home. Sound blocking materials, like Sono Suade sound barriers, can be assembled to soundproof the walls and ceilings within your home.

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▪ Spacious Living Areas

▪ Recording Studios

▪ Master Bedroom Suites

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