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Sentry Audio Video is Florida and New York’s top Audio & Video Commercial Integration company. For over two decades, we at Sentry AV have proved ourselves a solid leader in supplying our customers with cutting-edge technology. This includes premium systems, and so much more. From high-performance home theaters and media rooms to whole-home music systems and multi-room automation controlled from your smartphone or remote, our integrated and custom-assembled technologies provide incomparable comfort and distinction to every room of your home or business. Let us design a system that works fluidly with you!

5 Reasons your company should install a security system

Sense of security – The presence of a security system can make your business more effective and efficient by giving you and your employees peace of mind and an extra look into the happenings of your establishment.

Prevention – Any intruder or thief will think twice about their decisions when a security system is present. This lets them know that you are serious about the well-being of your business and serves to deter them from making you their target.

Customer Service – Not only does a security device put your employees at ease, but also makes your customers feel safe and at ease.

Handling Crime – Although having a security system will certainly deter crime in your business, it may still happen. Having the proper security measures in place will allow you to have a better understanding of situations that have unfolded, providing the authorities with evidence that can aid them in solving a crime quickly and get you back to business, swiftly.

Monitoring – Leave your security to a professional security system like Sentry AV. You have enough to worry about at your business!

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Corporate Enterprise

Why not enhance your business meetings with a conference room that reflects state-of-the-art integrated systems? We are able to seamlessly automate your conference room, assembling projectors, lighting, video & audio conferencing systems and overall control of your entire automated system, controlled from your iPhone.

We also take into account how time sensitive your projects are, given your team’s daily operations. We coordinate with contractors to make the installation process smooth and allow you to get started with a more high-tech and accessible conference room.


Our various business automation packages are state-of-the-art, putting you on the cutting edge of control systems. 

From a touch screen, you have unprecedented control over each sub-system of your automation package. This means you get to enjoy a user-friendly interface which displays all the critical information you need that is tied to your space’s regular operations. 

Liven up your business meetings with a state-of-the-art conference room! From projectors, to different lighting adjustment settings, climate control and audio conferencing, your integrated system gives you the freedom to set the mood for your company and deliver seamless presentations that are eye catching.

We also take into account how time sensitive your projects are, given your team’s daily operations. We coordinate with contractors to make the installation process smooth and allow you to get started with a more high-tech and accessible conference room for you and your employees.


Intelligent control systems help to streamline your healthcare technologies, patient information, training objectives, and different procedures. Let’s be real, hospitals and research labs have changed exponentially as knowledge of 21st century medicine and practices have expanded. It is imperative to keep up with the times to assure your patients receive the proper care, every step of the way.

With our integrated systems, you can take control of an entire complex or medical center, providing single-room or central lighting, temperature control, content delivery, and more. This aids in making a nurse’s, doctor’s or any of your clinical staff’s day more productive, efficient, and comfortable. 

In children’s hospitals, our A/V solutions help to eliminate medical concerns from an impressionable child’s mind by creating fun media rooms for them to engage in their imagination, play video games, and soak up the experience life has to offer. 

Houses of Worship

We enhance the worship experience by creating a dynamic and comforting environment, enhancing congregational education and communications with our single, easy-to-operate remote touch screens! In a centrally located area, you are able to adjust intelligent lighting fixtures, adjust the temperature, draw the window shades, adjust audio levels and microphone levels as well.

Are you looking to upgrade a traditional worship space? Introduce audio and video display systems. With a simple touch, you can lower and raise projection screens and exhibit important sermon messages or song lyrics on high definition televisions!

Our complete security system is also a valuable asset to your whole integrated system. Prevent theft and protect your congregation with door locks, motion sensors, and surveillance that can be accessed off premises via iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Hospitality & Retail

We understand how crucial it is to keep your business safe and secure. One of the prime ways to maintain controlled entry to your establishment, whether your office or other section of a property is an access control system.

Access control provides a second layer of security, stability, and safety to your employees and customers. These features include multiple user codes, built-in camera, crystal clear communications, intercoms, and auto-lock doors. 

Integrate an automation system to your access control unit! Remotely open and close your property gate or door entry, anytime.


The need for hoteliers, restaurateurs, and other members of the hospitality sector to take charge of their client relationships and reputation by giving visitors an extraordinary experience has never been greater.

A meaningful, distinctive, and consistent visitor experience fosters consumer loyalty, since 39% of travelers make repeat trips to the same location.

We can offer the ideal solution to clearly answer your objectives, creatively, and within your budget, whether you’re searching for an interactive customer service platform or a high impact LED wall. From the creation of the content (through our partner, 9 Yards), to the logistics of the hardware, to the design that supports seamless integration within your environment. We collaborate with you at every stage.


Since the average person receives over 5,000 messages per day, brands are constantly looking for new methods to strengthen client interactions.

Retailers now have a better chance than ever to deliver on the brand promise thanks to accessible AV technology.

We can offer a collaborative, bespoke service for any length of campaign, for in-store, window displays, debuts, and live events, whether handling every aspect of your messaging, including content production, design, and build, or just providing the AV gear you require.

Or we can just provide the gear you need from our extensive inventory of AV equipment, which includes solutions for sound, lighting, projection, video, LED walls, staging, and cutting-edge user interaction/tracking technologies.

Restaurant, Bars & Nightclubs

If your restaurant, bar or nightclub is in need of audio and video systems that are easy to control at the touch of a button, our a/v installations will take your business to the next tier and help to increase your earnings by entertaining your guests to the fullest! Your customers can be accompanied by their favorite sports teams on beautiful visual displays, paired with crisp audio, setting the tone of your establishment and creating a heightened atmosphere of enjoyment. Control your music and lighting with programmable systems for single and networked multiple locations!

Restaurant, Bars and Nightclub AV can include:

  • Audio & Visual Systems
  • Automation Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Surveillance & Access Control Systems
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Energy Control Systems
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Networking Systems
  • Wi-Fi & Wireless Systems
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